A new resource for ad agency recruiters & senior leaders

Hello, ad agency new business fans! Hope all is well and that 2018 is off to a fine start for you. Just wanted to make sure you knew there is a new website that’s part of Thunderclap Consulting Group.

Check out Thunderclap Recruiting!

This new site offers advertising agency recruiters, Chief Talent Officers, Presidents, CEOs and other agency leaders an overview of the recruiting, consulting and diversity leadership services offered by our company. The related blog offers up thinking, reminders and ideas that can help recruiters find and retain terrific leaders.

And yes, the blog will even include thoughts for job-seekers and those wanting to be more successful in the agency business.

Fret not, ad agency new business fan, this site will stay

Yours truly still will help agencies with their new business efforts from time to time (if it’s a good fit). My coaching practice will also continue. So the new business focused site will remain open.

After all, there are hundreds of posts here that can help any new advertising agency new business development pro find and win more new business. No reason why these shouldn’t still be available. There’s some great stuff here and I still find myself passionate about the subject.

But since most of Thunderclap’s revenues now come from recruiting and related services, it seems like our humble shingle’s digital footprint should reflect this new direction.

Thankfully, the market seems to appreciate this shift in focus, too! Why, people just like you have given me search assignments or asked me to help them get a new job.

More than 70% of our firm’s business still comes from repeat and referral business. I have looked at this metric every year for the last fifteen years.

A professional service firm can ask for no better compliment. This is a testament to YOU, the people that read this site, give me business and let me represent you. For which I’m eternally grateful. You rock.

Oh, and this is probably a good stat, too: so far, 84% of the candidates Thunderclap has placed are still with their respective agencies. This is based on dozens of searches, by the way. Not just a handful.

This metric is personal. It gives me great pride. It also demonstrates serious recruiting, agency and candidate know-how. Specialities include new business development leaders, senior agency leadership (GMs, presidents and CEOs, agency discipline leaders) and diversity leadership.


Two last things…

Pitch Predictions will still be published

Client-side changes mean more pitches. And they also mean more searches. Which means more work for everyone. (Full disclosure, shouting out new CMOs on also drives traffic to my site.) So expect these brief announcements to continue. I’ll bundle them up, though. So that post will pack a wallop.

Expect a new kind of post: recent agency pitches, wins and losses

While pitch predictions are valuable to agency leaders, from a hiring perspective, pitches, wins and losses are closer to the Moment of Hire. So, they’re more valuable to a slightly different agency target. Hence, my interest in sharing this kind of intel with you.

So, what are you still doing here? Check out the new one.

Thanks for reading. And happy pitching, recruiting and career-ing!